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Lisa gives acknowledgment to a California Bay Area extension braider, who was kind enough to show Lisa how to professionally connect extensions, while she braided Lisa's hair, in 1985.  Sharing people like her inspired Lisa to give back to her community. 

Lisa takes pride in being thorough and professional about her craft.  She created a "Care Instructions" for her customers, so that breakage can be prevented and that they get the most out of their wear.

Northwest Indiana has provided the bulk of Lisa's customers.  The business has created a second family of satisfied customers that Lisa will always cherish.

Customers are welcome to contact Lisa to have their photos and comments posted, here, about their experiences with Lisa's braiding services.


Extension braids has served as a hair-growth process for decades, when properly prepped and maintained.  It is beneficial to have the hair washed, conditioned, and professionally cut or trimmed, prior to braiding.  This increases the growth rate while braided.  It is imperative to follow quality care and maintenance instructions, for best results.


Lisa inspires to make the extension braiding services a department within the facility being sought for her International Youth ChoirThe facility will accommodate rehearsals and productions performed by the Choir and guests.  The extension braiding services will be an added entity where Lisa reaches out to younger extension braiders and passes business on to them, as she remains focused on directing her youth music programs.

Lisa provides live jazz entertainment for on-going events and welcomes ideas where community extension braiders can be acknowledged, supported, and awarded for their quality services.  Sponsorship for these events are welcome.



        SARITA HUNTER                  EBONEE HUNTER                SARITA HUNTER                            Lisa's Youngest Girl                Lisa's Oldest Girl                 (sewn-in tracks                (Interlocked Banana Curls       (Interlocked Banana Curls           half-head)                              front/side/back)                front/side/back)           



 Our payment policy is "CASH ONLY".
Deposits are due by the established deadlines provided to Customers.
Appointment times are only guaranteed through Deposit deadline dates.
Customers missing Deposit deadlines must re-schedule.
Deposits and Final Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Customers sign Service Agreement, pays non-refundable fees, and purchases hair.
For Same-Day/Last Minute Service, Customer pays-in-full upon arrival.

  SERVICE                                 DURATION                                PRICE

        FRENCH BRAIDS/FULL HEAD              4-5 HOURS                                        $140    

        FRENCH BRAIDS/HALF HEAD             3-4 HOURS                                          100    

        INTERLOCKS/FULL HEAD                   6-8 HOURS                                         140                   
        INTERLOCKS/HALF HEAD                  6-8 HOURS                                         100 

        SEW-IN TRACKS/FULL HEAD              5-6 HOURS                                         140    

        SEW-IN TRACKS/HALF HEAD             4-5 HOURS                                         100

        SINGLE BRAIDS/FULL HEAD                6-8 HOURS                                         160    

        SINGLE BRAIDS/HALF HEAD               4-6 HOURS                                         100        

        REMOVING FRENCH BRAIDS/HALF HEAD                                                        25

        REMOVING FRENCH BRAIDS/WHOLE HEAD                                                     50

        SAME-DAY/LAST MINUTE FEE (in addition to service)                                      10


 Lisa is also an International Jazz & Gospel

Vocalist*Pianist*Organist*Composer*Educator*Inspirational Speaker.
Her daughters collaborate with her offering Body & Mind Workshops, Solo & Group Entertainment, National & International Performances, Dance Presentations, Piano & Voice Lessons, Music Enrichment on other instruments, Children’s Choir, Typing & Clerical Services

Our services are advertised at various events where Lisa provides music entertainment.  Come and join us and enjoy!!


          EVENT                     DATE/TIME                 FEATURE & LOCATION    


                                     "Cali" Gooch Music                  "Cali" Gooch Music           Coming Soon/2011      This soulful event Honors U.S. Military        Debut Concert             Location pending             Soldiers from all Service Branches.           Lisa's youngest Daughter's Concerts travel the U.S., starting in Indianapolis, IN.                    Ads available now!!        (219) 887-4096                    (More Sponsors Needed)         Sponsored by Lisa Gooch Productions & Special Occasions Catering     

WELCOME HOME                           Details                 "Dancing Doctor" Ebonee            Celebration & Congrats                   will                                                                      for Lisa's Oldest Daughter           post, soon.                                                       "Dancing Doctor" Ebonee earned her Psycholoy Bachelors Degree from California State University.  SPONSORS & HOSTS are welcome for her traveling Dance Concert Series (bringing awareness to how the mind & body health are intertwined),

LISA GOOCH "JAZZ &       Sat., February 25, 2012   Lisa Gooch "Jazz" & Daughters          GOSPEL" BRUNCH SERIES    11AM to 3 PM                    Barclay Village Subdivision                                                      $15/Reservations Only            1058 W. 61st Avenue                                                                                                      Merrillville, IN  46410                   

 ~~honoring TASTEFULLY SIMPLE Rep., MS. NANCY KELLY~~                   marketing delicious Gourmet Snacks            

                            ADS due 2-15-12:                                     F/P-$50; HP-$25; Q/P-$15; Business Card-$15; Patrons-$5      219-887-4096           50/50 RAFFLE Winner need not be present   

 SPONSORS & HOSTS welcome for upcoming Brunches to offset C.D. Recording Expenses.       

LISA GOOCH "JAZZ &         All Saturdays/Dec./2011   Lisa Gooch "Jazz" & Daughters          GOSPEL" BRUNCH SERIES        11AM to 3 PM              Barclay Village Subdivision               "A Networking Harvest"     $15/Reservations Only        1058 W. 61st Avenue                                    50/50 RAFFLE Winner need not be present       Merrillville, IN  46410                  ADS due 12-20-11:  F/P-$50; HP-$25; Q/P-$15; Business Card-$15; Patrons-$5                                 219-887-4096 or 219-765-LISA                                       SPONSORS & HOSTS welcome for upcoming Brunches to offset C.D. Recording Expenses.   

LISA GOOCH "JAZZ &        Sat., Nov. 19, 2011                       Lisa Gooch "Jazz"           GOSPEL" BRUNCH SERIES    11AM to 3 PM                    Barclay Village Subdivision              "A Networking Harvest"     $15/Reservations Only     1058 W. 61st Avenue                                                               50/50 RAFFLE                     Merrillville, IN  46410                   ADS due 11-12-11:  F/P-$50; HP-$25; Q/P-$15; Business Card-$15; Patrons-$5                                            219-887-4096                                                              SPONSORS & HOSTS welcome for upcoming Brunches to offset C.D. Recording Expenses.   

EDGEWATER SYSTEMS      Friday., Oct. 28, 2011                          Lisa Gooch "Jazz"               Annual Gala                         7 PM to 11 PM                               Radisson Hotel           "Ambassadors Ball"   TICKETS: $100/person • $750/Table of 8    U.S. 30 @ I-65           Reservations:   219.885.4264 x 2604 or   Merrillville, IN 46410

LISA GOOCH "JAZZ          Thurs., Oct. 20, 2011                   Lisa Gooch "Jazz"                  Fall Harvest                          6 PM to 8 PM                     Barclay Village Subdivision            Networking Series          $15/Reservations Only            1058 W. 61st Avenue                         "Parties over 10" Incentives      50/50 RAFFLE               Merrillville, IN  46410               ADS due 10-13-11:  F/P-$50; HP-$25; Q/P-$15; Business Card-$15; Patrons-$5                                               219-887-4096                                                        SPONSORS & HOSTS welcome for upcoming Brunches to offset C.D. Recording Expenses.    

LISA GOOCH "JAZZ &        Sat., Sep. 24, 2011           Lisa Gooch "Jazz" & Daughters          GOSPEL" BRUNCH SERIES    11AM to 3 PM                    Barclay Village Subdivision             "A Networking Harvest"     $15/Adv.; $20/At Door       1058 W. 61st Avenue                   ~~Bring Lawn Chairs~~           50/50 RAFFLE                     Merrillville, IN  46410                  ADS due 9-20-11:  F/P-$50; HP-$25; Q/P-$15; Business Card-$15; Patrons-$5                                            219-887-4096                                                              SPONSORS & HOSTS welcome for upcoming Brunches to offset C.D. Recording Expenses.   

WEST SIDE CLASS OF 1981         July 1, 2011                      LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"                        30TH YEAR REUNION          6PM to Midnight                       Radisson Hotel                        of Gary, IN                          Meet & Greet Night                      Merrillville, IN                        

     J. Elizabeth & Salon &           October 23, 2010                  LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"         Alberta Rose Collections Boutique     3:00 P.M.                       30 W. 79th Avenue                  Fall Transition Sparty (Spa Party)    (219) 795-1172               Merrillville, IN  46410                                          Come pamper yourself and fall into the "new" you!!                                              Rejuvenate*Ex-foliate*De-stress*Cleanse*Moisturize*Pamper*Shop*                         Nail Art*Facial*Browse* Lashes*Pedicure*Manicure*"Soul Purpose" All Natural Skin Care    

Birthday Party for Carol Ezell   Saturday, September 25, 2010    LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"               of Designs by Carol (Boutique & Gifts)    (219) 791-9491         The Stadium Grill, Gary, IN     

Lucy Guillory & Dwayne Mabon    September  5, 2010             LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"                     Wedding & Reception                                                        Gary & Merrillville, IN             

Neysa Holman & Travelle Stewart    September 4, 2010          LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"                 Wedding & Reception                                                             Hobart, IN                           

Lisa's 40th Anniversary          Saturday, August 28, 2010    LISA GOOCH "JAZZ" & FRIENDS                  Concert                                      3:00 P.M.                  Du Sable Museum of            Serving NW IN & Abroad               Tickets:  $20                   African American History                                                                                                    740 E. 56th Pl., Chicago, IL      Footage at & - $25 Contributors   receive Video & will be added to Patrons List for next event; $15 Contributors receive Video; $10 Contributors will be added to Patrons List for next event. Thanks for supporting.            

Commissioner Roosevelt            Thursday, August 26, 2010     LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"                   Allen, Jr.'s                                    5:00 P.M.                       Lake Etta Pavilion                   Annual Fund Raiser                                                               4801 W. 29th Ave., Gary, IN   

Josephine Hood & Wesley Tucker  Sunday, July 18, 2010            LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"                  Wedding Reception                                                              Merrillville, IN                     

Woman's Improvement               Sunday, May 2, 2010             LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"                 Club Annual Cotillion                         3:00 P.M.                      Dynasty Banquets                                                               Tickets:  $35                     4141 Calumet Ave.                                                      Ms. Randolph 219-742-7122        Hammond, IN                     

NIKO'S STEAK & SEAFOOD            OCT. 10 & 24, 2009          LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"          SATURDAY ENTERTAINMENT      7:00 - 10:00 P.M        216 S. Broad St./Griffith, IN           

METHODIST HOSP. VOLUNTEERS       OCT. 16, 2009            LISA GOOCH "JAZZ"                 ANNUAL LUNCHEON                    12 NOON - 3:00 PM       Avalon Manor, 3550 U.S. 30                                                                                                         Merrillville, IN               


Lisa is highly honored to present the most professional, presentable-on-the-job, and dependable Make-up Artists in NW IN.  They have a history of working well and collaborating with clients, while bringing out the very best in their appearances.  Brides, wedding party participants, models, and many more have been transformed at the hands of theses Make-up Artists.  Lisa's work experience has taught her that quality work relationships and services bring about infinite clientele and referrals.     SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!

           MAKE-UP ARTIST                                 CONTACT                           

          {COUSIN} VANESSA GOOCH                                   219-201-5005

Vanessa is a well-established NW IN Model & Make-up Artist for a variety of venues, such as:  Queen Toppin Annual Fashion Shows, Lisa Gooch "Jazz" & Friends, etc.  She is also a member of the traveling singing group and is photographed, below, with them.  Her professional cooking, also well-established in NW IN, is icing on the cake at Lisa Gooch "Jazz" Brunches.



      ALSO ACCESSORIZER                                 CONTACT                           
Boutique & Gift Shop
 6705 Broadway, Merrillville, IN  46410
Gift Wrapping
Human Hair Wigs
Classy Jewelry & Sets
Elegant Apparel
Dressy Hats
Neck-tie & Handkerchief Designer
Boutique-Style Coats
& Much More!!!
Wed. - Thurs.- Sat.  10:30 - 6 PM
Fridays - 11 to 7 PM

Gift Shop LED Sign 

Gift Wrap Flashing Neon Sign 


~~ Upcoming C.D. ~~
~~ INK PENS - $2 ~~

                                   CALENDARS - $5 (Legal Size)                                                                   CALENDARS -  $8 (Ledger Size)                                          (w/colorful display of Headlining Stars Lisa has been "Opening Act" for)                                            


                (w/colorful display of Lisa Gooch "Jazz" & Friends Group Members                                              and her International Youth Choir)

~~ BOOK MARKERS - $2 ~~
 ~~ Lisa's 8-28-10 Concert DVD - $15 ~~
(Please allow two weeks for mail orders & thank you for your support!!) 
Music LED Sign

            Watch Video "clip" of Lisa singing, playing keys & bass on "Stormy Monday"                at her August 28, 2010 Concert  @ Chicago Du Sable Museum of African American History.                              ~~ Kenny Anderson - Trumpet Solo {Lisa's Cousin}~~                                                                   ~~  Hosted by Mr. Chuck Deggans   ~~                                                   {Gary Crusader Newspaper Column Writer & WGVE  FM Gary, IN Radio Personality}          


Video Clips & complete photo footage is at and under ARDENA LISA GOOCH.

$25 Contributors receive Concert DVD and will be listed as a PATRON at our next concert (honoring Military Veterans as Lisa's youngest daughter "Cali" Gooch Music [] performs in her Debut Concert; to be announced, soon.

$15 Contributors receive Concert DVD. 

$10 Contributors will be listed as a PATRON at our next event.

Thank you for your support and passing the word on to prospective corporate sponsors.

                    Lisa pauses from keyboards and dances to                 AWESOME TRIO!!                        Edward Feagan's Congos during "Mr. Melody"                     They were HOT!!!                       by Natalie Cole. The two graduated from West                 L-R: Mike Carson/Tenor Sax;          Side H.S., Gary, IN, 1981. The audience joined               Michael Turner/Alto Sax;                 in with the rhythm and laughter. What a joyous              Kenny Anderson/Trumpet                 way to celebrate the inception of her musical                                                                         gifts that has provided for her and her children.                   warming up for show                  Video Editing is in progress. Video Sales Pending.                                                            Your purchases help us to continue presenting                                                            quality music programs. Thanks!!

                       These Awesome Dancers just             "Let's Stay Together", by Al Green earned                        let the "good times roll"!!!                      a warm round of applause as the
            ED HOLLIS - EBONEE HUNTER                background vocalists filled the room                  (Lisa's Oldest Daughter)                            with melodious harmony
         SARITA HUNTER - PEDRO TORRES          L-R: Sarita Hunter, Ebonee Hunter, Brothers                 (Lisa's Youngest Daughter)               Jose & Rev. Carlos Reed, (Gary Community                                                                     School Corp. Teachers), and Cousin Vanessa                                                                      Gooch (Professional Caterer; Head Cook/                                                                     Methodist Hospitals; Head Cook/Buffington                                                                         Harbor Casinos)

                  Lannie Turner, Percussionist in greatest        Ed Feagan, Congos, graduated from           demand in NW IN and wonderful to work with.    West Side H.S., Gary, IN, 1981 with Lisa.                                                                                             INCREDIBLE!!!


                   Lisa Gooch "Jazz" &                  Ms. Elaine P. Stephens & Ardena Lisa Gooch                International Youth Choir                                  May 2, 2010
            Stay tuned for Lisa's upcoming          Pop*Ballads*Standards*Jazz*Gospel            recordings with "The Famous"                                                                             John Legend's Mom.

AFFILIATED SITES (video clips) (videos & photos) (hear Lisa) (hear Lisa) (hear Lisa's oldest daughter) (videos & photos) (hear Lisa's youngest daughter) (video clips & concert footage) (video clips & concert footage) (hear Lisa) (Mr. Melody w/Ed Feagan/Congos) (hear Lisa w/Daughters) (hear Lisa w/Daughters) ("Cali" Gooch sings Sir Duke) (Let the good times roll w/Michael Turner/Sax) (Let the good times roll w/Michael Turner/Sax) (Ebonee dances to "That Name") (hear Lisa Gooch "Jazz" & Friends) (video clip & audio; Stormy Monday w/Cousin Kenny Anderson/Trumpet)                        (Lisa's original poems. quotes, short stories, books, condolences, scriptUres)
& Clients
patronage !!